TrustSis has a methodology for sustaining, maintaining and managing GRC's corporate platforms and processes. TrustSis' "COMPLIANCE OPERATOR" support also covers the customization of services and methodologies that seek customer satisfaction, offering high availability of service. We have a multidisciplinary team capable of supporting the application and SAP processes and not SAP of GRC, IdM, Security etc.

Our Application Management Services (AMS) solutions - COMPLIANCE OPERATOR - involves process excellence methodologies for the support, maintenance and management of GRC enterprise processes and platforms. The service and help desk procedures allow simultaneous and fast interaction with customers, always within the established SLAs. This is done through our own methodologies, which seek, first of all, the complete satisfaction of the client, guaranteeing agile answers and always imposing the highest level of quality, efficiency and effectiveness.

We leveraged Return on Investment (ROI) and sought to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We do this while ensuring the compliance practices established in the organization.


We take calls from end users or technical teams, correcting reported problems and ensuring that all adjustments and maintenance are validated and documented before they are applied in productive environments.
Through our technical team, we seek to propose constant improvements in GRC applications and processes under our care, always aiming at increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.
We act preventively to ensure that all of the company's GRC applications and processes are aligned with its "Business" objectives and meet the legal requirements of each segment where it operates.

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