SAP profile modeling (Roles) generally obeys a logical structure established for the purpose of facilitating administration, simplifying security management and SoD risks, as well as enabling sustainable reuse of profiles. Job-Based and Job-Based Profiles (Task-Based) are the most popular models available. Opting for one of the many other existing modeling types requires a detailed analysis of the organization's requirements versus characteristics and impacts provided by the chosen model, for example:

Technical Structure - Quantitative evaluation of numbers of profiles vs transactions vs authorizations provided by the adopted model:

  • Number of Roles generated;
  • Quantity of Duplicate Transactions / Authorizations;
  • Amount of access granted unnecessary;
  • Number of Roles associated with the User.

Risk Management - Evaluation of aspects of adherence to security requirements, auditing, internal controls and risks provided by the adopted model:

  • Simple Roles without violation SoD;
  • Flexibility for SoD Management;
  • Provides greater security of access;
  • Requesting and Provisioning Additional Access.

Governance / Operation - Evaluation of the model adopted after project (operation) and its adherence in aspects related to maintenance cost and operational governance:

  • Names convention that facilitates the request for additional access;
  • Flexibility to maintain additional access;
  • Flexibility for Organizational Restructuring;
  • Flexibility for Rollouts;
  • Flexibility to associate owners with Roles;
  • Flexibility to incorporate exceptions.


We do not offer a "Job Position" template or template. Our redesign method prioritizes the requirements of the organization to determine the best profile model recommended to it.
We work with all possible models of SAP access profiles. We define processes and focus on SoDs risk reduction.
TrustSis has a unique set of tools that speeds up the redesign and technical reorganization of profiles. Solutions (in the cloud and / or local) are used that simplify activities.

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