Few SAP customers dominate all the functionality, tools and solutions embedded in the SAP ERP platform. Utilizing them correctly and to the fullest extent can mean the enhancement and maturity of the organization's processes related to GRC and Security without the need for new investments with licensing.

With that in mind, TrustSis sought to create a service that would offer customers the possibility of knowing such tools and solutions and - more than that - how to implement and apply them on a day-to-day basis. Below are some examples of embedded solutions and their main functionalities:

  • Risk Analysis in Z / Y Transactions: A tool that automatically performs ABAP (Z / Y) code analysis at the time of transport release - aiming to check for malicious codes, quality, risks etc.
  • AIS - Audit Information System & AM - Audit Management: A tool that provides the best practices and reports for auditing and its management.
  • Data Privacy GDPR: Tools that guarantee privacy in the transmission of personal data between companies and register log tracks for access and visualizations.
  • In addition to these, we have other exclusive solutions from TrustSis for Defining and / or Creating SoD Risk Matrices, Defining Compensatory Controls, Technical Access Profiling, FIORI Indicators for GRC Access Control, Process Control, Risk Management and Identity Management.


Grow your GRC and Security processes without new investments, using the tools and solutions embedded in the SAP platform.
We offer specialized services in SAP and are recognized as a GOLD partner (SAP GOLD Partner) and Specialized in the SAP GRC platform.
TrustSis has a unique set of tools that accelerate process deployment projects and SAP GRC solutions.

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