Services in strategic architecture, modeling, support, deployment, upgrade, outsourcing and project review in all GRC solutions and processes.
  • Identity and Access Management (I & AM);
  • Risk Management and Controls;
  • Conformities SOx, COSO, COBIT, COSO and GDPL;
  • SAP Security (authorization and profiles, Digital Certificate, Cryptography, Digital Signature etc.);
  • Development and Security SAP FIORI, SAP HANA etc;
  • Single Sign-ON;
  • Audit Management and AIS;
  • Matrix of SoDs and Compensatory Controls;
  • Cyber ​​Threat Management.
Largest team of GRC specialists from Brazil.
First GRC niche consulting company in Latin America to obtain SAP REx certification.
First consulting company in the world to obtain SAP GOLD certification in GRC.


TrustSis is formed by a team of qualified professionals, with a high sense of professionalism and commitment to the effective results of its clients.
  • Transparency in Business
  • Honesty in the performance of activities
  • Focus and Objective
  • Fast and value-added results
  • Commitment
  • Delivery of the best product
  • Priority
  • Customer satisfaction
  • GRC Consulting;
  • AMS support;
  • Cyber ​​Security;
  • FIORI improvements;
  • Developments;
  • GRC Innovations;
  • SAP Profiles;
  • SoD Risks.


Throughout the years, TrustSis has become a benchmark in specialized consulting offering Solutions and Governance Processes, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC), Identity Management - IdM and Access (I & AM), Outsourcing (AMS), Authorizations focused on SAP Netweaver platform, SAP HANA, SAP FIORI and Information Security including Cyber ​​Security.
  • 2009-2010

    Start of Operation TrustSis. SAP GRC Service Offerings. Establishing partnerships for Services and Solutions.

  • 2011-2013

    Beginning of the offer of differentiated services and solutions. Among the services, we have Specialized Outsourcing (AMS), GRC, IdM, Profiles, IdM. In addition, the Solution Factory was started, including tools for: (a) risk analysis of ABAP Codes (Z / Y); (b) GRC Solution Extension (new features); (c) Assessment Access Profiles; (d) Assisted Redesign of Access Profiles and (e) Review of SoD Risks Matrix.

  • 2014

    Beginning of International Consulting activities. It convers Latin America, North America, Asia, etc.

  • 2015

    We have achieved the REx Seal in GRC Solutions.

  • 2016

    We have won the GOLD Seal in Services GRC.

  • 2018

    Absolute leadership in providing SAP GRC services and support. It includes Projects, Support, FIORI Solutions, GRC Developments & Innovations, Etc.


Understand our principles when meeting our:

  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • ethic>
  • Interest by people
  • Social responsability
To contribute to business success, finding solutions to the constant challenges of our clients, always seeking the support and development of an innovative governance platform, based on people and technology.
As a reference and leader in niche consulting SAP GRC, I & AM, Authorizations, SSO, IdM, Audit Management, Fraud Management, AIS, Cyber ​​Security and SAP Security in the markets in which we operate, for the recognition of our uniqueness, excellence in quality service and motivation of our employees.
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